The only thing about riding a bike from Portland to Phoenix is that in-between there is something called... NEVADA.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stats from the Road

Fastest time for consuming entire giant-size jar of peanut butter: 1 day
Nights spent at sub-freezing temperatures: 5
Lowest nighttime temp: tbd by hobo (automated data collector - post to come!)
Total calories derived from peanut butter: 65%
Number of "hell" miles ridden: 32 (includes blizzard, blowing sand, and pedal-downhill-headwind miles)
Pounds of cheese eaten: 4.5
Negative verbal automobile projections: 1
Honks of encouragement: 144
Flat tires: 1
Number of times told to be safe: 46
Sugar sandwiches eaten: Zero
Chats with locals: 42
Pounds of honey eaten: 2
Number of trucks carrying giant blue pipes: 14
Other cyclists spotted: 5
Miles assisted by automobile: 121
Miles pedaled: 770
Clown-themed motels: 1
*statistics mostly accurate where calculated


  1. Wow! That's a lot peanut butter! How about total # of miles pedaled so far? Oh, and Be Safe!!! (#48)

  2. That stat is for # of times told to be safe by strangers and acquaintances!

  3. what an adventure! probably more than you anticipated, but proud of you both. The unknowns and the friends you made and the people along the road is what you will remember for ever. The terrain along the route is unique as we saw on our trip along the almost same route when we went to our new winter home in Phoenix (Sun Lake). We read your blog daily and enjoy your comments and pictures. Sorry we haven't been more communicative, but have struggled with our lack of computer skills. Hard to teach old dogs new tricks. Looking forward to seeing you and meeting Earual.
    Can't believe that you talked her into this adventure. Keep on pedaling, and hope the tempture goes up and the wind is at your back. Our love papa and nana.

  4. It was my idea! Looking forward to meeting you too

  5. That stats are fun and we enjoyed reading them. Clown-themed motel? LOL! Where was that? Mmmm, honey... yummy :) Holy cow! 4.5 pounds of cheese seems like a lot! But I suppose you really need the calories! No sugar sandwiches??? Just kidding! Only one flat tire is pretty impressive :) Camping in sub-freezing temps, burr!!! I have to say, you two are very hearty souls!
    Be safe! ;)