The only thing about riding a bike from Portland to Phoenix is that in-between there is something called... NEVADA.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Adventures in Middle Nevada

Bedazzled by sunshine and temperatures above freezing we crawled to a start. After only a few miles we continued the prolonged feast commenced the night before. Peanut butter, honey, yogurt, apple, lettuce, almond sandwiches.

It was clear that the 140 miles over the last two days had taken a toll. Our rest brought us to the outskirts of an abandoned smelter/refinery and glorious roadside sunshine basking.

Roused at last from the midday meditation we fought on in the head wind and encountered some unexpected gravel, bringing a change of pace and perspective.

Finally we came to the Hwy 95 turn off, anticipating another 33 miles to Fallon, NV in headwinds with 1.5 hours of light left. We forged ahead for a few miles until an orange Element pulled up beside us.

Brad, who had generously granted us lodging through, had driven out to find the only bikers on the road! We packed up our wheels and surrendered to Brad's infinite hospitality. Just what we needed to continue recovery.

Tomorrow we'll attempt another 70 miles to Hawthorne, NV...


  1. Ahhhh, glorious sunshine! I know you'll see a lot more of it than we will on this winter solstice.

  2. Great pictures once again! And SUNSHINE!!! :)
    I can only imagine how the millage and weather have taken a toll... I'm sure that a constant headwind makes even the flat terrain feel like a constant uphill ride. I am glad to hear yet another kind soul has helped you out on your journey! Thank you Brad! I bet the rest is very welcomed indeed.
    Stay safe ;)

  3. I hope the tendonitis subsides! I'm jelous of the sun! I'm perplexed that time has not ended. Maybe it will end by the end of the day central time since that's the timezone the Mayans were in.

  4. That cougar is freaking amazing! Too bad they had to shoot it?

    1. I don't know the story of its demise.. maybe Brad can tell us?