The only thing about riding a bike from Portland to Phoenix is that in-between there is something called... NEVADA.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Out of Oregon, Against a Blizzard

We awoke in a cozy home and wondered if it was all just a dream or had we really met our first road angel? With that we were beginning to gain a reputation that would proceed us into Nevada.

After an evening of planning and popcorn devouring we had determined that McDermitt, NV was only about 8.7 miles from Sherri's home and offered us food and lodging to weather the oncoming blizzard we had been hearing about.

We set out determined to conquer the Blue Mountain Pass despite 15mph headwinds. 8 miles later we were reminded to only trust technology so far. Turns out we had another 22 miles to go. Unphased we accepted our fate and pushed onward, thankful that the ODOT snow plows had just cleared the shoulder for us.

A mere 7 miles later, we gladly threw our bikes in the back of a pickup and accepted a ride the last 15 miles to McDermitt by Bob, Malheur County Deputy. He kindly shared with us some coffee, a few stories, and knowledge of the land.

Now we wait out the storm and push South when the winds shift, expected on Tuesday.

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  1. Holy cow!!! A blizzard! That's winter for ya! So glad Bob gave you a ride! I hope you have a nice warm place to wait out the storm.
    Looking forward to more comments on the book!
    Have fun and be safe!
    Love you ;)