The only thing about riding a bike from Portland to Phoenix is that in-between there is something called... NEVADA.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fighting a headwind: Lessons in aerodynamics

Crossing the county line from Humboldt to Pershing, we traded rumble strips across the shoulder for a headwind. At first we created a united front, each our own arrow into the wind, but soon hit on a scheme that may be the only reason the next thirty miles were possible. Drafting each other in turn, trading places at every mile-marker, one cut through the rushing wall of air while the other had an easier ride. Refueled by hotdog sandwiches at the truck stop, we were prepared to push on. Luckily, either a change in the weather or the shift in position relative to yet another ~50-100 mile long mountain range relieved us of the headwind, and we skimmed the last 26 miles into Lovelock to a sky lit vivid orange and pink.

Note: Trucks hauling tall loads of alfalfa are much less aerodynamic than those pulling regular trailers. Their windwake is hay-normous and gives approximately 10 meters of non-pedal distance.


  1. Hay- normous! LOL! Who'd a thought hot dogs could take you 26 miles!

  2. LOL! Hay-normous - that's pretty funny!!! Yeah, those big trucks certainly create big windwakes... know how it effects the motorcycle, but on a bike? I can only imagine! Glad you got some relief the last 26 miles! The sunset sounds amazing :)
    Where are you expecting to get today?
    Ride on & be safe ;)